How do I apply for a position?

Locate the position you would like to apply for then scroll to the bottom of the page and select “New Resume/CV”.

Why do I need to create a profile?

You will need to create a profile in order to apply for a position. Creating a profile allows you to also come back later to apply for other open positions using the same profile, edit your information, create a skills profile, track your application history, and more.

Using your profile to apply for other positions:

Once you've established a profile, it is simple to apply for other open positions. Scroll to the bottom of the job listing that you are interested in and select “Existing Resume/CV.”

Can I submit my resume via fax or email?

No, we do not accept or review unsolicited applications or resumes.  In order to be considered for employment, you must apply online.

I am unable to finalize and submit my application.

This will occur if you are using an outdated/unsupported internet browser. Ensure that your browser has been updated to the latest version, and resubmit your application.

I forgot my username and/or password.

There is a link on the login screen "Forgot your Password?" and a link on the Career Center labeled "Retrieve my Password". Click either of the links and enter the email used to create your orginal profile. You will receive an auto-generated email to reset your password.

What is a Proposal position?

A Proposal position is a position that will be available upon contract award.

What is an Open Submission position?

Open Submission is a requisition we post to attract certain skill competencies and determine candidate availability prior to the actual requirement becoming vacant.

I am unable to upload my resume.

It could be related to the length of that file type if it is a .pdf.  Shorten the pdf file types name to less than 15 characters to upload on the site.  It could also be that your .pdf is an image.  Try converting it to a text based file using an OCR program.